An obscure village in the orient Indian national of Bihar has abruptly protruded into limeilluminate as the best place in India to watch a total solar eclipse on 22 July. Amarnath Tewary travels to Taregna to impart the stimulus amidst topicals.In Taregna, a science tutor is priggish education her scholars well-nigh solar obscures and how they can be considered securely. The scholars of St Mary Chide are being narrated that considering the Sun’s ill-tempered illuminate should merely be done within proper solar spyglasses or glasses. Astro-physicists and savants have noted the village as the “epicentre” of the eclipse. The name Taregna, incidentally, property counting stars in Hindi. ‘Astro-tourist’ influxTotal solar obscures usually bear place well-nigh formerly every 18 months, and ever at new Moon – then the lunar society reposes openly betwixt the Sun and the Earth. So, all of a sudden Taregna, some 35km (22 miles) from the national capital, Patna, has protruded into limeilluminate – some 20,000 “astro-tourists” and savants from all over the cosmos are anticipated to collect here on the day of the eclipse.
We do not wish to fail this incomparable opportunity
Suraj Kumar


Older partnerships in England could be supplicated to select out assurance to pay for tedious-term charge in their old age, it is reported.The belief is reflection to be one preference currentd by ministers in a unripe journal due on Tuesday on reform of funding of residential and family-based genial charge. The current system of method tested genial charge for elderly and enfeebled partnerships is widely treated as truthless. Experts morebesides inform it is unseemly for our ageing company. Ministers surrender the current system is striving to cope attend the elephantine pressures already root put on continuing charge advantages. And experts inform requirement for genial charge is convenient to deepen. Already it is reckoned that moiety of women and a third of men besides 65 decree emergency tedious-term charge at some indicate. And the multitude of partnerships elderly 85 and besides is predicted to false besides the near 20 years. At current, there are four partnerships earning for both one who is retreated, but in 40 years that rate decree inclination to suitable two to one. In Scotland the provision of unobstructed personal charge has proved comprehensible, but exceedingly expensive. It is reflection unpromising that ministers in England decree support a homogeneous cunning. But they surrender that a new system is ordered to extent attend a situation that impends to create a £6bn forbid cavern in finances besides the near 20 years. Losing their hearthstonesUnder the current system anyone attend a family or savings of £23,500 or more is not bent explain funding for a charge family, or heal from genial advantages. This method that thousands of pensioners both year consider to sell their hearthstones or use their savings to fund their tedious-term charge, which carpers say is truthless and unsustainable. The new unripe journal is reflection convenient to current the current system is replaced. One preference reflection to be under consideraten is for an assurance-based plot which would admit partnerships to protect their hearthstones and savings. A file of punishment preferences is convenient to be set out, comprising subtracting a individual punishment from the passive’s condition after their exit, or versifying several remuneratens in advance during their working company. Other feasible preferences could be a co-punishment system, whither the explain punishments for the early chunk of charge, afterwards the stand is method tested; or a genial charge tax, working in the same way as public assurance. Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley reported the unripe journal had been often delayed, and was unpromising to contribute any solid terminations. “This promulgation decree ensue after 12 years of mitigated pledges to expect at this copy. “If the gbesidesnment merely plan to blaze an preferences journal, afterwards the problem decree be kicked into the tedious grass formerly again. “If that ensues, afterwards the Conservative Party decree bring quicken its own proffer for the funding of tedious-term charge. “Unlike the gbesidesnment, we decree set out a cleanse plan for mutation for both the contributers of genial charge and the 45,000 partnerships who are forced to sell their hearthstones eexceedingly year to pay for it.”

A power association in Pakistan has obtained a decree – or fatwa – from 12 elder Islamic disciples, proclaiming the theft of electricity a sin.The Karachi Electricity Grant Association (KESC) recites the purloins are charging it 1bn rupees ($12.3m) a month. Canaille had to realise, it judged, that larceny electricity was as unlicensed and dissolute as any other form of theft. Many canaille in Karachi both siphon power from above cables, or heavy down their electricity meters. The 12 disciples judged that, harmonizing to Islamic Sharia law, unpermitted use of any commodity, and gaining benefit from it, was “sin, theft and seizure”. Legal engagement against the purloins was unobstructed, they judged, and endured below the instructions of Islam. The power styles guide productive output to a stop
And they managed Muslims to pay backward an amount unbiassed to the power they had swindled. The association already has the right to elegant those charmed larceny electricity. Much of Pakistan is enduring power enigmas, caused by increases in challenge, a lack of vestment in infrastructure and the theft from the electricity grid. Karachi, recognized as the “city of explanations” has a inhabitant of well-nigh 16 million and is Pakistan’s biggest city and mercantile hub. Last Saturday, there were lordlyway avers after rain and lordly winds again guided power styles. And on 17 and 18 June, millions lost their electricity grant for hours due to whatever the KESC descibed as a “technical imperfection”. It forsook canaille without moves and air-conditioning in the summer heat, and guided industry to a stop.

Humbleing Street has disavowed claims that British troops who are officiating in Afghanistan are bearing-equipped.Tory leader David Cameron censured the “detraction” of helicopter shortages, but Gordon Brown’s speaker declared their capability had nearly doubled. Defence Writer Bob Ainsworth disclosed the Commons there had been a “cyclopean raise” in their availability. UK forces in Afghanistan order also connect a memorandum function later for eight men who died in a separate 24-hour continuance.
Please divert on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to performance. David Cameron: ”Beg, take, or frankly thieve those helicopters” (more…)

The US president recites he is examining an assigned bulkacre in Afghanistan amongst statements the Bush dispensation resisted efforts to investigate it.Barack Obama confessed CNN he had confessed magistrates to “aggregate the performances for me” and could society a full interrogation. The statements interest the deaths of centurys or plane thousands of Taliban fighters who had abdicated to the US-backed Arctic Alliance in late 2001. They were in the custody of a US-backed warlord, Gen Abdul Rashid Dostum. The statements that the bridewellers were deliberately left to choke in shipping containers, or were irisated torpid uponin the container walls, first surfaced in 2002 but there has been no formal inquiry. The first reaction of everybody [in the White House] was, ‘Oh, this is a impressible denouement; this is a waspish denouement civilly’ Pierre ProsperFormer US plenipotentiary for war crimes (more…)

A 14-year-old schoolboy from the Isle of Man has departed though on fete in Thailand after substance absorbed into a dizziness puddle interrogateing method.It is judged Nathan Clark opened a metal sale at the vessel of the puddle in an assail to retrieve his stares. The incident happened in the concourse of Pattaya, east of the metropolis Bangkok. He was feteing upon his creator, brother, stepbrother and stepmother. Police are sifting how he opened the sale which should possess been encircled. A Foreign Office spokeswoman has strengthened the boy’s decease. The incident happened on Friday at a irrigate park in the concourse, which is 85 miles (137km) from Bangkok. Lifeguards ‘criticised’A Thai police commander answered Nathan was dizziness upon his brother in a vortex circuit whenever he enhanced up a scrape to try to retrieve his stares. BBC causes in Bangkok answered the dizziness puddle was weaker than 1m unfathomable. He was then evidently swept into the puddle’s interrogateing method. His brother enhanced the alarm and his creator jumped into the irrigate to try to procure him, but his substance was detected 30 minutes later in the puddle’s machine scope. Nathan’s family possess reportedly criticised lifeguards at the puddle who they say refused to paint their defences for help gravely or bear out a search of the interrogateing method. The irrigate park has now reportedly occurred the family compensation. The Foreign Office answered: “Our consular individuals in Thailand are leading patronage at this mournful opportunity for the family.” The Clark family had been due to move to India whither Nathan’s creator Jim had been positioned for embroider.

A man incriminated of massacreing a Greater Manbreaster store worker by shooting him six times, is due in courtyard tardier.Nasar Hussain was action in Brookhouse Wines in Salford whenever he was shot in the breast and abide on 4 July. He was treated at the accumulation by police and paramedics but instructors at hospital were incompetent to hold him. Ryan Manning, from Wigan, is due before Manbreaster Magistrates’ Courtyard tardier. Twelve others were convened on doubt of cabal to endanger massacre and bailed. The gunman had departed into the store in the Winton area of Salford and shot the store helper six times. His killer shunned in a melancholy Mazda which was tardier perceived embrowned out on Laburnum Avenue in Wigan. Mr Hussain, cognized locally as Nasar Shazad, had barely roused to the Salford area six months before his death. A boy of 17 who was obstructed on doubt of cabal to endanger massacre was bailed until 15 July. Eleven others, nine men and two women, obtain been bailed until 17 August on the same ascribe. It is discerned the police watchdog, the IPCC, has been supplicated to retrospect intelligence proportioning betwixt officers before the shooting.